Words Worth Gaiden 01

Those who know how to fight with a sword come from two distinct groups: the Tribes of Light, who live on the surface of the planet, and the Shadow, a mixed race of people and animals or monsters, who live in an underground city and seem to mature half as fast as the Light. The Wordsworth tablet—a massive granite stone created in honour of a guardian spirit—separated the two tribes' lands. There is writing on the tablet, but neither tribe is able to decipher what is written. One day, Wordsworth was inexplicably destroyed by an unknown creature; its components were spread over the Tribes of Shadow's territory. The destruction of the tablet sparked a war between the two tribes, which has been raging for the last century. But King Wortoshika prevents his son Astral, a prince of the Tribe of Shadow, from training to be a swordsman. While Sharon, a gorgeous swordswoman who is betrothed to Astral, usually approves of him, she wishes he was stronger.  

Channels : Ahegao, BDSM, Big Boobs, Bondage, Domination, Heroic Fantasy - SF, Humiliated, Masturbation, Monster, Rape, Uncensored

Runtime: 24:57
Views: 234
Submitted by: Horny-british80mau


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